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Looking towards Fall…

Maybe it’s wishful thinking but as the day and nights become slightly cooler, I find myself longing for Fall. I simply love everything about this time of year, football games, playing outside with my kids till its dark, a fire in the fire pit, the crisp air, the leaves, a hot drink, and of course the TEMPERATURE!

Fall is also a great time to list your home and start settlingĀ in before winter. If you are contemplating selling your home I would suggest a few things:

  • spruce of your outdoor space and snap some photos of the outside of your house and yard space before the trees loose all their leaves and the grass looses its color.
  • make sure all your outdoor lighting is working and bulbs are in place. With the the Fall coming the evening will come sooner and having a well lit home will be appealing to potential buyers.
  • clean out your fireplaces including the glass. If you have a fireplace, buyers will expect it to work during this time of the year.

These are just a few tips. If you would like me to walk through your home and help you identify areas to spruce up before a sell, I would be glad to. Don’t hesitate to call.

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